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Executive Staff

"The website was conceived by the journalist and author Robin Shepherd in 2010. Since then Raheem Kassam and Dane Vallejo have worked with Robin to develop, maintain and edit for the site. We also have on board, the redoubtable Harry Cole as our UK Political Editor.

Contributing Editors - John Phelan, Simon Miller, Nathalie Tamam, Benjamin Harris-Quinney, Ghaffar Hussein, James D. Boys [1]

Mission Statement

"The West has a huge and dramatic fight on its hands. Not just from the outside, but from the inside too. Our economics are in the tank. Budgets are bloated, taxes are too high, existential threats to our interests at home and abroad have rarely ever been more concerning. We seek to shed light on these core 'civilisational' issues.

We argue that now is not the time for big government; it's not the time to bow before tyrants, dictators or terrorists; and it's not the time to abandon our only true ally in the Middle East: Israel.

Let's face it -- it never should have become and never should be the time for any of those things. But lately, the West has become more than a little self-loathing in its worldview, and we exist to offer a viable alternative.

Never in the history of human civilisation had so much prosperity been created, so many lifted out of poverty, so much evil tackled, curtailed and eradicated than when the West was at its proudest. If you agree with us, you're at home on The Commentator. We do post dissenting views, but ours are steadfast."

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