The one-party state

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  • "Judging by the energy and Medicare bills created by a Republican Congress, never has a political party stood for a greater dependency on government handouts for corporate titans." --Rahm Emanuel, a Democratic congressman from Illinois, sits on the House Financial Services Committee and the Budget Committee. [1]
  • People should be disturbed by the fact that their tax dollars are being donated to personal and party political campaigns after washing through government contractors. [2] Here's the route: you pay tax; gov't passes the money on to their contractors; contractors pay exhorbitant salaries to their principals; principals make financial contributions to individual candidates -- with YOUR money -- to candidates whom you oppose.
  • Taxpayers spent $100 million investigating Clinton's Whitewater. Only $3 million has been spent on investigating September 11! [3]
  • Cronyism in Iraq Reconstruction: "the architects of the war chose card-carrying Republicans - operatives, flacks, policy-wonks and lobbyists - for almost every key assignment in the country." [4]
    • "The lack of experience and abundant political connections of the hundredsof American bureaucrats sent to Baghdad to run Iraq through the Coalition Provisional Authority" will be one of the main "factors to point to when explaining the post-conquest descent into chaos."
  • "Threats by Republicans to cut the General Accounting Office (GAO) budget influenced its decision to abandon a lawsuit against Vice President Dick Cheney." [5], 19 February 2003.

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