Theodore V. Houser

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Theodore V. Houser was a member of the inner circle that formed the American Security Council (ASC) in 1938.[1]

"The Sears & Roebuck Seminar Room [at the ASC headquarters at the LBJ Center, located] on the terrace level, this room can accommodate over 100 people for a reception or 50 guests for a national security briefing. ASC was established in 1955 in large part due to the generosity of Sears, Roebuck and Company and its former Chairman, Theodore V. Houser. Sears paid many of the organization's expenses during its first decade."[2]

According to the article "The Allstate by Sears and Roebuck" published in Cruisin' Style Magazine, "in 1952 and 1953, Sears offered in their world renowned catalog and some southeast retail stores, a car called the Allstate.... It started with Theodore V. Houser, the merchandising agent for Sears, and also a board member of Kaiser-Frazer. Houser envisioned an automobile sold by Sears that would enhance their newly formed auto service departments. The company was heavy into installing auto service centers at their major-city retail stores. The car would enhance the inventory of sellable car parts and accessories, and would also generate a client of sears-dedicated auto customers.... The automobile Houser picked, of course, was the Henry J: simple and inexpensive. The hookup with Kaiser-Frazer was a natural and somehow the president of the auto company convinced the dealers of the Henry J to accept Sears as a competitor. The deal was made."


  • 1954 Marston Medalist, College of Engineering, Iowa State University (BSEE'15)[3]