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The journal Theory and Society "publishes theoretically-informed analyses of social processes, providing a forum for an international community of scholars. It opens its pages to authors working at the frontiers of social analysis, regardless of discipline."

Editorial Board

Accessed April 2010: [1]

Founding Editor:

Senior Editors:

Executive Editor:

Managing Editor:

  • Karen G. Lucas, Dept. of Communication, University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA

Assistant Managing Editor:

Book Review Editors:

Editorial Associates:

University of California-Davis:

St. Louis, Missouri:

  • Gretchen Arnold; Cory Blad; Deborah Cohen; Richard Colignon; Rita Csapo Sweet; Don Conway-Long; Matthew Davis, Lisa Dorner; Ruth Iyob; Victoria Johnson; William Kyle; Karen Lucas; Dennis Mares; Danielle MacCartney; Andrea Miller; Jody Miller; Donald Morse; Warren Rosenblum; Allon Uhlman; Chikako Usui

Corresponding Editors:

Resources and articles

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  1. Editorial Board, Theory and Society, accessed April 3, 2010.