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Tides Shared Spaces "offers its proven experience and expertise to organizations embarking on facilities projects. Its strategic programs provide quality, stable workspace for nonprofits and education for people who are creating successful capital projects nationwide. It advocates the creation of Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Centers (MTNC’s) as a sustainable infrastructure solution to meet the needs of nonprofits.

Tides Shared Spaces is under the organization called Tides. "Each Tides organization pursues a distinct yet related strategy to promote the Tides mission. Tides Foundation works with donors to increase and organize resources for positive social change. Tides Center provides nonprofit management services to over 200 projects across the U.S. working to advance social change. Tides Shared Spaces operates and supports green nonprofit centers."[1]


"Tides Shared Spaces began its programs in 1996 with the opening of Thoreau Center for Sustainability." [2]


Accessed September 2009: [3]


Accessed September 2009: [4]

Contact details

P.O. Box 29198
San Francisco, CA 94129-0198
Fax: 415-561-6301
Email: info AT tides.org
http://www.tides.org (parent site)

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