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Tony Barclay is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Development Alternatives Inc.. He is also "co-chair of the International Development Task Force of the Professional Services Council, a lobbying organization founded in 1972 that represents information technology and technical service industries." [1]

His staff biography says that:

"Tony joined DAI in 1977, after living and working in East Africa for seven years, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and later as a researcher and consultant on rural development and social change. His first assignments with DAI took him to all corners of Africa for 3-6 months every year. As the firm grew, Tony moved into a general management role, initially as VP/Operations and later as President & Chief Operating Officer. He succeeded DAI founder Don Mickelwait as CEO in April 1999. Tony's leadership and commitment to DAI's mission have guided the firm along a path of steady growth, continuously improving its financial health and its reputation for high performance, sustainable results, and excellent client service. He has encouraged DAI to develop a global vision and to extend its presence into the European, African, and Middle Eastern markets. Tony represents DAI in numerous boards and coalitions in the international development community, and is a frequent visitor to DAI's field projects all over the world. He earned a B.A. in history at Yale University and a Ph.D. in applied anthropology at Columbia University." [2]

President and CEO Tony Barclay serves as

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