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Part of the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

"Located in Brussels, the seat of the Council of the European Union and the headquarters of NATO, the Transatlantic Institute fosters ties among the European Union, Israel, and the United States. The Transatlantic Institute is an extension of AJC's worldwide diplomatic activity, unparalleled in the NGO world. The AJC presence in Brussels comes on top of its long established offices in Berlin, Geneva, Jerusalem and Warsaw. We were the first American Jewish advocacy organization to establish an official presence in each of these European cities. That again is the case in Brussels.

"The Transatlantic Institute was made possible by the philanthropy of long-time AJC leaders Rhoda and Jordan Baruch, along with their children, Larry and Laurie Baruch, Marjory Baruch and Wu-te Hsiang, and Roberta (Bobi) Baruch and Jerry Ostrov, and their children's families." [1]

  • Harold Tanner - Chair, Transatlantic Institute - American Jewish Committee President (2001-2004)

Contact details

Quatre Brasstraat 6 Rue des Quatre-Bras
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +322 500 72 80
Fax: +322 500 72 90
Email: info AT


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