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"The umbrella term that includes all Triarchy Press publications - print or digital, free or paid - is Alternative Thinking. We call it altThink.

"altThink's older and increasingly disreputable brother is Conventional Thinking. We call it conThink.

"Like Conventional Anything, conThink clearly has a lot going for it. For a start, it got us where we are today (which you may think is the apex.apogee of civilisation or the edge of chaos - bearing in mind that complexity thinkers can show that the edge of chaos is the healthiest place to be). It also looks for evidence, is resolutely scientific in its approach and is responsible for having shone the torch of The Enlightenment on the superstition and bigotry of the Middle Ages. (Yet even these terms no longer have God exclusively on their side. For example, 'Evidence-based practice' has been responsible for the indiscriminate spread of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT - through a number of health services around the world - eliminating valuable alternatives like Japanese Knotweed in a village pond.)" [1]

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