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Trillium Corporation

Their website notes that: "It is impossible to capture the essence of Trillium Corporation in a single sentence. Trillium is a real estate developer, a forestry company, an investor, a creator of companies, an inventor of ideas and solutions, a philanthropist." [1]

Executive Team

Accessed October 2008: [2]

Work in South America

"Trillium's forestry business in South America has included sawmill operations in Argentina and OSB manufacturing in Venuzeula....

"In 1992 Trillium purchased nearly one million acres on Tierra del Fuego that included 500,000 acres of lenga forest in both Chile and Argentina...

"Due to extreme opposition from a variety of interests, Trillium ultimately lost the Chilean land to outside investors. While the timberland holdings were broken up, the stewardship principles remain intact as Trillium continues its forestry operations in Argentina (Lenga Patagonia) on a much smaller scale.

"Meanwhile, under Forestal Trillium de Venezuela, the firm owned and operated an OSB manufacturing facility. The plant produced 410,000 cubic meters of OSB annually for export to U.S. and South American markets." [3]

The land on Tierra del Fuego was brought by Goldman Sachs and turned into a nature preserve under the guidance of Lawrence H. Linden.



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