U.S. Promotion of Ag Biotech in Indonesia

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U.S. Promotion of Ag Biotech in Indonesia

Training and Workshops

2006 Risk Communication Workshop

In September 2006, ABSP II sponsored a risk communication workshop in Indonesia together with the Southeast Regional Centre for Tropical Biology, Indonesia's Ministry of Agriculture, LIPI (Indonesian Research Center), and the Indonesian Society for Agricultural Biotechnology.[1] The workshop was organized by the Indonesia Biotechnology Center (IndoBIC). The workshop "tackled" questions like "What are biotech crops being researched on in Indonesia? What are the common issues and concerns raised about biotechnology? What communication techniques should stakeholders like scientists, university faculty, and government officials use to enable them to be effective biotech communicators?"<[1] It drew 38 participants, including representatives of the media. The workshop included public sector scientists Drs. Muhammad Herman and Inez Loedin-Slamet who "discussed the agricultural products that local scientists are working on as well as issues often raised about crop biotechnology."[1] Additionally, Edita Burgos shared the experience of the Philippines, which was (as of 2006) the only nation in Southeast Asia that allowed commercial sales of GMOs. "This input along with the technical discussion provided the background and content for the risk communication techniques that were imparted to the participants through lecture, case studies, and role play. Participants were oriented on message mapping, popular science writing, writing written statements for media, and doing recorded interviews.[1]

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