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The United Industrial Corporation was acquired by Textron Systems in 2007. [1] It described itself as a "company focused on the design and production of defense, training and energy systems. Its products include unmanned aerial vehicles, training and simulation systems, and automated aircraft test and maintenance equipment. The Company also offers logistical/engineering services for government-owned equipment and manufactures combustion equipment for biomass and refuse fuels."

Corporate Governance

Management: AAI Corporation

  • Richard R. Erkeneff, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Frederick M. Strader, Executive Vice President
  • James H Perry, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Robert W. Worthing, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Joseph G. Thomas, Vice President and Deputy General Manager, UAV Systems
  • Thomas E. Wurzel, President, AAI/ACL Technologies, Inc.
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV): "AAI has distinguished itself in the design, production, testing and support of a family of Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicles (TUAVs) and is producing significant numbers of Tactical UAVs for customers around the world since 1985."
  • Simulation and Test Systems: "AAI plays a leading role in producing simulation systems for electronic warfare, maintenance, shipboard, ground force, and air defense trainers; and test systems such as the Generic Navy Stimulator/Simulator (GNSS), Joint Services Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST), Organizational Level Test Equipment, Depot 1 Intermediate Level Test Systems, and Advanced Boresight Equipment for the military."
  • Technologies, Inc. (ACL): "ACL is one of the world's most technologically advanced manufacturers of hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical aircraft component test equipment."
  • Engineering and Maintenance Services: Engineering Support, Inc. "provides on-site logistics support for government-owned equipment and is well-positioned to benefit from increased outsourcing by the U.S. government for engineering and maintenance services."

Management: Detroit Stoker Company

  • Energy Systems: "Detroit is a leading supplier of stokers and related combustion equipment for the production of steam used in heating, industrial processing and electric power generation around the world."

Board of Directors


United Industrial Corporation
570 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Phone 212-752-8787
Fax 212-838-4629

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