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I am a retired computer programmer (I did Cobol business programming). I became interested in current events and politics in 2003 near the beginning of the Iraq war.

I have done volunteer research for various groups. This involved researching corporations. This site is currently being redone. Corporations were rated and I suppose both liberals and conservatives could use it for making purchasing decisions. This involved updating contact information for newspapers, magazines, TV stations, etc that groups use to get their messages out. (List scrubbing)

In school I liked math and science more and found English more difficult at least the writing part of it. I'm really getting used to this work here. I still like the copy and pasting part of it more.

I like to make the edits in my own file one day then check over the edits one last time and put them in the next day. I'd have plenty of errors otherwise. I am accumulating different folders and files with my notes. This makes copy and pasting and the work in general easier.

--Stansand 04:58, 29 July 2007 (EDT)