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Welcome to Congresspedia, we're happy to have you. I'm somewhat familiar with Rep. Pombo, having helped document his ethically questionable history when I was at Public Citizen.

I've made a few changes to your contribution to Pombo's page. First, I changed the link from the Wikipedia stub page on McNerny to the SourceWatch stub page I created. The reason for this is that we have greater confidence in the accuracy of SourceWatch/Congresspedia pages because we have higher standards of sourcing and referencing and an editor (me). For example, I also slightly changed your new paragraph on Pombo's challengers by adding a news article source for the paragraph and then changing the text slightly to reflect that souce. This is one way we can keep SourceWatch/Congresspedia accuate--if everything is sourced it's easy to quickly check the accuracy of contributions. I also added the source in to the list of articles at the bottom of the page. For more details on our sourcing policies, check out SourceWatch:References and SourceWatch:Congresspedia article guidelines. I encourage you to add to McNerney's page on SourceWatch (it's there instead of on Congresspedia because he's not a member of Congress) and Pombo's page, provided everything is referenced to an external source. I'm sure you can see the advantage of this standard.

Also, the email you sent Bob Burton indicated that you are in some way officially related to McNerney. This is fine--sometimes officially-connected people are the most informed--but we also have a policy that people who are making contributions related to a person or entity they are officially connected to should disclose that connection on their user page. If this applies to you, would you edit your own user page to reflect this? In keeping with the spirit of open source, we feel that things generally work better if everything is fully disclosed.

Feel free to email me at Conor AT if you have any questions or comments, and welcome to Congresspedia/SourceWatch! --Conor Kenny, Congresspedia Editor, 8 May 2006 15:49 EST.