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Greetings Taylor!

I'm familiar with your writing from firedoglake and am happy you're contributing to SourceWatch/Congresspedia.

Since what we're really trying to build here is a collective knowledge base rather than just a collection of links, I encourage you to summarize a blog post you've written in a sentence or two and insert it into the narrative content on a page, citing your blog as a source. (Of course, this is only for documented facts, if it's commentary, then just putting a link in is the most appropriate thing to do.)

I know from your writings that you pride yourself as part of the reality-based community, and I'm happy you're here to help us record that reality in a resource available to all citizens.

If you need anything, drop me a line at Conor AT or use my talk page.

cheers, Conor Kenny, Congresspedia editor. July 19, 2005 6:25 EST.