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Valli Kalei Kanuha "is Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, School of Social Work in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kalei has worked as an activist, clinician, administrator, and consultant with community agencies, domestic violence programs, HIV/AIDS organizations, and other social service settings in the continental U.S. and Hawaii for 30 years. Her professional interests include violence against women of color, with a focus on Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Island women and lesbians; lesbian, gay and transgender issues; and multicultural practice, all areas in which she has published and trained extensively. Kalei has been involved with numerous community and national organizations in Minnesota, New York and Hawai`i, including Praxis, Inc., Incite! Women of Color Against Violence and the Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence.

"Kalei’s current research includes development and evaluation of a Native Hawaiian cultural intervention with Native Hawaiian batterers and battered women, and exploring indigenous, community-based alternatives to the criminal-legal system that address violence against women and children." [1]

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