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Veterans for America (VFA) was established in June 2006 by Bobby Muller, Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation [1], and John F. Terzano, President of The Justice Project [2]. [3]

In February 2006, at the VVAF "board's strategic planning retreat, the board of Veterans for Common Sense voted to join forces with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation and The Justice Project to create a new kind of veterans program," the VFA. [4]

VFA is "an educational, humanitarian and advocacy organization addressing the causes, conduct and consequences of war," its website states.


In a message posted on the VFA website, Muller and Terzano state:

"Twenty eight years ago, we came to Washington as angry Vietnam veterans determined to gain justice and create a voice for our veterans. It was difficult to galvanize a group that shunned its status. It was difficult to get people to pay attention to the needs and concerns of our veterans when the nation and many of its leaders had moved on from the war to other priorities. And it is difficult to see history begin to repeat itself with our veterans from the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and other locations in The Global War On Terror.
"We’ve formed Veterans for America to make sure that lessons learned are lessons followed. After Vietnam, it took several years to start addressing veterans’ needs and concerns. After the Gulf War, it took more than five years. With this war, we aren’t going to wait. We’re going to start addressing those needs today.
"Our first priority is to address the immediate needs of our veterans returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations in the Global War On Terror. We will work to ensure that they and their families receive the proper medical care, educational and other support services as they readjust to civilian life. We will champion legislation that demands a full accounting of the facts by the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs and creates a comprehensive plan to service the needs of the more than 1.3 million veterans returning from this war. This is what they have earned and deserve for serving their country."

Staff and Board of Advisers

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