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Fake TV News: A CMD Special Report
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This article is part of the Center for Media and Democracy's special report, Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed.
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WLTX-19 is a Columbia, South Carolina television station and an affiliate of the ABC television network.

Station Owner


Use of Video News Releases and/or Satellite Media Tours

In the 6am news bulletin on January 4, 2006 the station broadcast an interview from a satellite media tour (SMT) organized by D S Simon Productions for the Texas Instruments, Motorola Nokia Swiffer on the highlights of CES. While the station anchor indicated that they were using material from a SMT organized by vendors at the Consumer Electronics Show he didn't name the four companies that funded the SMT and whose products were featured on the segment. The SMT was part of a PR campaign by Robin Raskin [1]

Response to Report

In response to a Center for Media and Democracy survey about station disclosure policies, WLTX faxed the following information on March 31, 2006, with a handwritten note from Executive Producer, Marybeth Jacoby, reading, "I look forward to the results":

  1. During its news programs, does your station air video news releases (VNRs, including B-roll) or satellite media tours (SMTs) that were produced for companies, governments agencies or other entities? Yes - but only SMTs
  2. If your station does air VNRs and/or SMTs, do you disclose the source of the material to news audiences? Yes - always
  3. If your station does disclose the VNRs and/or SMTs it airs, how does it do so? Verbal announcement

Contact Details

6027 Garners Frery Rd
Columbia, SC 29209-1304
Phone (Switch): 803-776-3600
Phone (News): 803-776-9508
Fax (General): 803-695-3711
Fax News: 803-776-1791
Web: http://www.wltx.com/

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  • Diane Farsetta and Daniel Price, "Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed: A multimedia report on television newsrooms' use of material provided by PR firms on behalf of paying clients", Center for Media and Democracy, April 6, 2006.