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The WVC3 Group, Inc. is an anti-terrorism, security firm headquartered in Reston, VA [1]. It was co-founded by Robert L. Maginnis and Robert S. Bevelacqua, and counts Carlton A. Sherwood among its senior management; all three are participants in the Pentagon military analyst program. [1]


On its website, the group describes its field of expertise in the following way: "There are many companies that say they offer similar services, but what separates the wvc3 group from the pack is our unique, hands-on personal experiences. Whether it was routing out and targeting terrorists in the Middle East for the Pentagon and the CIA, or training and exercising first responders here in the United States for their State and local governments, our team members have been there, boots-on-the-ground. We were on special assignments in the jungles and mountains of Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam war, ran successful operations against the KGB's and GRU's best in Europe and Africa, and were proud to be part of the liberation forces in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Operating continuously in Beirut during its darkest days, we ran a highly successful hostage rescue mission into Kuwait during its occupation by Saddam Hussein, and, later, we went to Iraq - from Baghdad to Mosul, Tikrit to Babylon - to provide the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, and international viewers with our battlefield appraisal." [2]

An April 2003 article in The Nation characterized WVC3 as "a defense consulting firm that helps arms companies sell their wares to the government" and claimed that "The firm trades on its inside contacts with the US military" [3].

In June 2004, WVC3's Executive Vice President and Director of Communications Carlton Sherwood took unpaid leave of absence from the group in order to produce Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, a movie critical of the behavior of John Forbes Kerry after his return from Vietnam [4].

Known deals and contracts

According to The Nation, the WVC3 Group "recently inked an exclusive deal with New Zealand's TGR Helicorp and will help the company hawk its military aviation equipment to the United States." [5]


The following personnel details are from the WVC3 website. Until mid-October 2004, the pages were publicly available and indexed by Google. However, they were not linked in from the homepage. Not long after this article attained the top position in the Google search results for 'WVC3 Group', the pages were removed from WVC3's website. The following links, therefore, point to copies in search engine caches.

Senior management

From the WVC3 website: [6]

An older version of the same page, retrieved from the Alexa cache, also lists [7]:


From the WVC3 website: [8]

An older version of this page from the Google cache lists [9]:

  • Walter Minton. Vice President. "Over 7 years of experience in law enforcement involving numerous undercover operations and culminating in the position of Chief of Police in a Midwestern city."

Advisory Board

A copy of this page (originally on the WVC3 website at [10]) in the Yahoo cache [11] lists:

An older version of this page, retrieved from the Alexa cache in October 2004 but no longer available there, also listed:

  • Phillip W. Bracken. Executive Vice President for Government Relations, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. "As an Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Home Equity, and Trust Services Groups, Phil Bracken has direct responsibility for Government and Industry Relations for the Groups on both a national and state level."
  • Robert P. Phillips. Former Deputy Director of Science & Technology, Central Intelligence Agency. "Robert P. Phillips, a former Senior Executive Service official at the Central Intelligence Agency, has a distinguished 34-year background at the Agency in leading-edge science and technology programs and their support and application to clandestine collection requirements."
  • James 'Marty' Irving. Former Officer of Marines and Business Executive. "A former Officer of Marines and decorated Viet Nam combat veteran, Mr. Irving is a highly respected and distinguished member of the Washington, D.C. business community."

Subsidiaries, joint ventures, and affiliates

A diagram on the WVC3 website lists the following businesses as subsidiaries, joint ventures, or affiliates of WVC3 [12]. Note that this page is not linked to via the WVC3 homepage.

  • ForcePro International, Inc.. "A 'solutions provider' based around US and Lebanese personnel with specialized military, government, commercial, and industrial experience, ForcePro employs multinational teams which include indigenous personnel from the country in which contract work is to be performed." [13]
  • WVC3 Technologies, Inc. "...systems design, management and general consulting as well as call center and investigative services." [14]
  • WMD Prep., Inc. "...a Homeland Security consulting firm with over 150 years of combined experience in WMD Security and Defense... To date, we have handled situations involving live anthrax, mustard, sarin, and VX." [15] (original was at [16])
  • Alghad Trading Corp. "An 'import - export' business by design, Alghad utilizes the latest in modern technology and well established business relationships to foster the development of long-term capital growth in emerging markets." [17] (original was at [18])
  • WVC3 Systems, Inc.
  • Viking Alliance, Inc.

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