Wal-Mart Embraces Fake News

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The radio segment begins, "As summer vacation season gets underway, high fuel prices and high air fares are limiting the ability of vacationers to travel far. And close to home, new legislation may force costs to soar even higher." The segment -- an audio news release (ANR) produced by MultiVu for Wal-Mart Stores -- warns of proposed legislation in New York that would require large employers to put a minimum percentage of their payroll towards employee healthcare.

The bill is one of dozens introduced in response to Wal-Mart employees' reliance on publicly-funded health programs. The ANR features Mark Alesse of the New York branch of the National Federation of Independent Business, who says that while "health insurance is vitally important," better coverage won't be accomplished by "adding an eight and a half billion dollar job-killing tax to the economy. If we do that, we'll not only have more uninsured, we'll have more unemployed" people. [1]

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