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{{#badges: ToxicSludge}} Warren Porter is an expert on climate change effects on animals, subtle biological effects of pesticides and early detection of infection. He is currently a professor at the zoology department of UW-Madison. [1].

Research Interests

  • How spatially explicit climate, topography, and vegetation interact with ectotherm and endotherm morphology, physiology and behavior, disease.
  • How low level contaminant/pesticide mixtures affect potential for survival, growth, reproduction and how that affects population dynamics, community structure and food web structure in time and space.
  • How low-level contaminant/pesticide mixtures at environmentally relevant concentrations affect/alter developmental processes, neurological function (learning abilities and aggression levels), immune function, and endocrine function.
  • The process of infection and the biochemical responses to bacterial and viral infections



207 Zoology Research
Office: (608)262-1719
Lab: (608)262-0029


Molecular and Environmental Toxicology
The Nelson Institute: Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development
Engineering Physics

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