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"Watkins publishes both illustrated and non-illustrated books in Spiritual Wisdom, Self-Help and Inspiration, and Health & Well-being, as well as continuing its long tradition of publishing core esoteric titles. There is an active backlist of over 350 titles.

"Founded in 1894, Watkins is the oldest name in Mind, Body & Spirit publishing. The imprint was the original publisher of Carl Jung, Madame Blavatsky and other luminaries of spiritual wisdom and psychology, and also specialised in the spiritual traditions, ancient wisdom, philosophy and alternative health.

"Among our unillustrated titles, publishing highlights over the years have included important books on Nostradamus by bestselling novelist Mario Reading, by Osho on aspects of Buddhism, and by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler on the secret wisdom of antiquity.

"Our landmark illustrated titles include Tara Fraser’s bestselling Yoga for You, numerous books by David Fontana on symbolism, dreams and meditation, and The Essential Guide to Crystals by Simon and Sue Lilly." [1]

Watkins Publishing is an imprint of the Osprey Group.


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Web: http://www.watkinspublishing.co.uk

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