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The Western Goals Institute (WGI) was an "ultra-conservative" pressure group in Britain, re-formed in 1989 from Western Goals (UK), which originated in 1985 as an offshoot of the U.S. Western Goals Foundation. Its stated intent was anti-communism, although it was also known for its opposition to non-white immigration into Europe and Britain. The Institute and its predecessor were affiliated with the World Anti-Communist League: WGI had sent a delegation to the 22nd WACL Conference in Brussels in July 1990 and from 1991 WGI was the UK chapter of the senior World League. It is said that in 1992 the World League declined to be further associated with the Institute, although the issue is unclear. The group was disbanded in 2001. Its list of Vice-Presidents included Professor Antony Flew, Professor Tryggvi McDonald, Rev. Martin Smyth, MP, Tory peer Lord Sudeley, Dr. Harvey Ward, former head of the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation (today the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation), Colonel Barry Turner, Royal Engineers (retired), the Rev. Basil Watson, and Gregory Lauder-Frost of the Conservative Monday Club. The Directorate consisted, until the mid-1990s, of Andrew Smith, Stuart Notholt, Gideon Sherman (son of Sir Alfred Sherman), and others.powerbase


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