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The White Rose Fund is affiliated with the Reformation Lutheran Church in Bowie, MD, "headed by convicted clinic bomber Rev. Michael Bray. In turn, the church is part of Army of God network and "best known for playing host" to a Prisoners of Christ List fund-raiser. [1]

The name of the fund-raiser, the White Rose Banquet, was "misappropriated from a short-lived World War II-era anti-Nazi resistance group. Convicted anti-abortion felons and their most vocal supporters publicly gather[ed] every year on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade to celebrate their victories and raise funds for their imprisoned martyrs." The 2002 event was "announced on the Army of God Web site. Typically about 100 veterans of militant and violent anti-abortion activism gather to network, to raise funds, and to taunt the abortion rights groups and law enforcement agencies that monitor the event closely. Bray, for example, described the attendees at the 1997 banquet as an 'august cadre of conspirators'." [2]

Contact details

White Rose Fund
c/o Reformation Lutheran Church
PO Box 544
Bowie MD 20715
Telephone: (301) 262-0145

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