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"In 1988, twenty-six Wilderness Guides gathered for the first time at Saline Hot Springs in the Eastern Sierras.

"The invitation to "compare notes, entertain new ideas, speculate about the future and to relax in the company of friends and colleagues," came from Steven Foster, Meredith Little and Ron Pevny and was directed to individuals in the newly emerging field of the modern day vision fast.

Over 25 years later, our world has changed in myriad ways. Wilderness rites of passage has begun its long journey out of the shadows. Today, ecopsychology has become commonplace in many states across the US. Select universities will give credit for participation in vision fast programs. There are both more guides and more people in search of vision fast and related wilderness programs than ever before. With the field of rites of passage entering the mainstream consciousness, new challenges arise - asking our attention, vision, and discernment alongside the core mission of bringing meaningful rites of passage to more people. " [1]

ELDERS COUNCIL (Guiding the community as needed)

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