William R. Kinter

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William Roscoe Kinter is "a West Point graduate, was U.S. Ambassador to Thailand from 1973-1975" and was "a former CIA officer." "He is a member of the board of the US Global Strategy Council, a group composed of military intelligence strategists and headed by former deputy director of the CIA, Ray Cline. Kintner is or was on the Strategy Board of the American Security Council."[1]

In 1985 he was a director of the US Institute of Peace. [2]

In 1974 the Congressional Record notes:

"Mr. MUSKIE. Mr. President, 2 months ago our relations with Thailand were severely strained as a result of CIA meddling in Thailand's internal affairs without the knowledge, much less the approval, of the new American Ambassador, William Kinter. To add to the embarrassment, the Ambassador happened to be an ex-employee of the CIA." [3]

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