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Windrush Communications Ltd. is a firm of event organizers based in London.

Windrush organized the Iraq Procurement 2004 – 'Meet the Buyers' conference which took place in London on the 26-28 April 2004 [1].

The abandoned court case against Ewa Jasiewicz and Pennie Quinton

Activists Ewa Jasiewicz and Pennie Quinton managed to get inside the Iraq Procurement 2004 conference and mount a protest. According to a press release from their solicitors, Bindman Partners, "Ewa and Pennie are charged with intending to disrupt a “lawful activity” when they entered the Iraq Procurement Conference 2004 at the Connaught Rooms. They unfurled banners and addressed the delegates as collaborators in the daily massacres in Iraq." [2]

However in November 2004, the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges against Jasiewicz and Quinton. In their press release, the two women stated: "Having been arrested inside the conference, causing the evacuation of the event and the suspension of all business, the women are therefore surprised that the Crown state there is not enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction. They believe the Crown's decision to drop the case is more likely to have been made as conference organisers and the government became afraid of an adverse finding on their privatisation policy in Iraq." [3]

Jasiewicz and Quinton are determined to have the matter aired in court. According to their press release, "The women are now exercising a rarely used provision in criminal law to demand that they be prosecuted and brought to trial regardless." [4]

Windrush's website

Windrush has a website at However, it appears to have been taken offline. Here are links to copies of some of its pages in the Alexa cache [5]:

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