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Allavida "works through and with a shifting alliance of international, national and local organisations and associations, individual consultants, academics and researchers. This loose, informal alliance is committed to sharing learning and ideas, stimulating creative responses to local need, and collaborating whenever possible around common agendas.

"In 2007, Allavida will launch the Allavida Development Partners Network. This will link our development partners – NGOs, foundations and consultants – a little more formally, and cement our commitment to strengthening their capacity and resources. It is this network that will generate Allavida’s expanding portfolio of community initiatives and enterprises. It is this network of practitioners and experienced consultants that underpins Allavida’s growing Services.

"Allavida published Alliance magazine in the period 2001-2006, during which time the magazine grew to become the leading resource for foundation staff, philanthropists and other funders and social investors around the world. Having always ensured editorial independence, it was a natural step to help Alliance become fully independent. With support from a number of European foundations, this was achieved in late 2006 when we launched Alliance Publishing Trust. Allavida retains close links with Alliance. For more information on Alliance, go to" [1]

"Allavida was established in August 2001 as a merger of Charity Know How (CKH) and Alliance magazine, both of which were formerly part of the Charities Aid Foundation. In the period 1990-2001, CKH made almost 1,000 grants towards increasing the skills, knowledge and experience of NGOs and community organisations throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. CKH also introduced longer-term training and development programmes which have become the foundation of some of Allavida’s work today...

"Allavida is supported by European and American trusts and foundations and by individual donors. It also benefits from grants from organisations such as the Big Lottery Fund and the Department for International Development." [2]

Trustees (2008)

Accessed March 2010: [3]



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