Alliance for International Conflict Resolution and Prevention

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The Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution (also known as Alliance for Peacebuilding) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) "network of private and public organizations dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of the conflict management field and maximizing its impact on international peace building. Focusing on areas affected by international and civil armed conflict, members seek to resolve conflicts without violence, facilitate post-conflict reconciliation, and promote social, economic, and political development." [1]

"The Alliance for Peacebuilding was formed in 1999 as a network of applied conflict prevention and resolution organizations. It was incorporated in 2003 as the Alliance for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution. The founding Board members were Paula Gutlove (Chair), Andrea Strimling (Vice Chair), David Fairman, Hrach Gregorian, Melanie Greenberg, Donna Hicks, Robert Ricigliano, and Peter Woodrow. Melanie Greenberg served as Board Chair for three years, and Andrea Strimling is the current Chair. Bill Stuebner served as Executive Director from 2003 through 2005 when Chic Dambach became the President and CEO. A new name, mission and goals were adopted in 2006 to place greater emphasis on the concept of collaborative action to prevent and mitigate violent conflicts. Previously, full membership in the organization had been limited to US-based organizations. Organizations based in other countries were welcome as affiliate members. That policy was changed in 2005 to allow qualified organizations to join regardless of their geographic base." [2]

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