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Amanda Prewett Doss of Texarkana, Texas [1], webmaster and organizer for Operation Street Corner, was honored by her "supporters" January 20, 2005, at an "'Un-augural' reception" for "substantial contributions to the veterans' revolt against Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid", which was held at the National Press Club, NewsMax reported.

Swiftboating John P. Murtha

"Now meet Amanda Doss. She's one of those people and is about to put up a web site called which, based on her known alliances with the kings of the bottom feeders, the Swift Boat Liars, will attempt to smear a fine man like John Murtha—and other Veterans, like me, as well—with new and improved levels of low-rent attacks," Bob Geiger wrote June 25, 2006, in AlterNet.

"But we're on to her already and she's rushed her web site into production quickly to spotlight the '…negative, hateful, or inappropriate email' she is allegedly receiving from readers of progressive blogs."

"The latest salvo appears to be a new smear site,," Geiger wrote June 27, 2006, in AlterNet, "which is about to be drawn out from under a rock and it certainly has all the looks of the same people who brought you pure fiction about Kerry in 2004. The website is run by a woman named Amanda Doss, who has a long alliance with—guess who?—the Swift Boat Liars and a whack job named Ted Sampley [2], who runs the hate site, The U.S. Veteran Dispatch.

"That name may sound familiar to you. This is the same guy who once wrote of John McCain as 'The Manchurian Candidate' and suggested that McCain had been brainwashed during his lengthy captivity while a POW in Vietnam. Oh, yeah, he also said McCain was a KGB Spy. It's also the same Sampley who headed Vietnam Veterans Against Kerry and was responsible in 1992 for faking a photo of Kerry allegedly shooting an American MIA in Vietnam.

"It was Republican McCain who called Sampley 'one of the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter' and said 'Sampley has a nose for publicity and knack for making money from invented controversies'," Geiger wrote.

"If you want to know what kind of people are going after a legitimate American hero like John Murtha, look no further than the likes of Sampley, Doss," David Thibault, editor in chief of Cybercast News Service—"who picked up the prevailing tactic of the GOP, which is to smear the patriotism and good name of any Democrat who dares question Bush and the war -- even if, like Murtha, you happen to be a 37-year military veteran and a former Parris Island drill instructor decorated for valor in combat"—"and their Republican backers."

Domain Registration

The MURTHALIED.COM domain name was registered June 15, 2006, by Amanda Doss, who is also listed as the administrative and technical contacts. The mail contact address is a post office box in care of Network Solutions. [3]

"Operation Street Corner"

The "Operation Street Corner" front page opens to the heading "Kerry Lied While Good Men Died," subheaded by "The Vietnam Veterans' Grassroots Campaign Against John Kerry and Jane Fonda, traitors to our country."

The donations link for Doss's "Operation Street Corner" redirects to a Vietnam Vets for the Truth PayPal web page. Additionally, the mailing address for "Operation Street Corner" is c/o Vietnam Vets for the Truth, Box 458, Nash, TX 75569. [4]

Under the Auspices of ...

According to the OSC website (accessed August 21, 2006), "Operation Street Corner is organized by Vets For The Truth, which is under Iowa Presidential Watch's 527 PAC which follows FEC rules and regulations."

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