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Biographical Information

"Avon Matti son is a Peacebuilding and Inter-Organisational Consultant, Advisor and Mentor with over three decades’ experience. She works with innovative leaders, groups and organisations on the “frontline” building Cultures of Peace inter-generationally and inter-culturally for the children of this and future generations.

"She is Founder of Pathways To Peace (PTP), an international peacebuilding, educational and consulting organisation. PTP has Consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and is an official Peace Messenger of the United Nations (UN). PTP is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation.

"Avon is also Founder of the consulting proprietorship, Pathways Consulting. She is originator of Creative/Integrative Decision-Making(sm) in 1961, a process applied to the purpose, principles and organising strategies in diverse fields.

"A U.S. Foreign Service diplomat for three years serving the European Community, Avon was also former special advisor to two White House Conferences. A Summa Cum Laude graduate in political science and international communications, she is listed in Strathmore’s “Who’s Who Registry of Business Leaders”. She has been quoted in numerous publications worldwide.

"She serves as a Creative Member of The Club of Budapest, a Findhorn Fellow, and serves on the Advisory Councils/Boards of several international organisations, including: the Global Commission to Fund the United Nations, the Center For Visionary Leadership, CommonPassion, Ehama Institute, Foundation for the Healing Among Nations, Global Youth Action Network, Nobel Womens Initiative, Renewal Retreats, Unity Foundation, Women's Earth Alliance, World Peace Prayer Society, the World Centers of Compassion for Children, and the World Fund for the Dignity of Children.

"Through Pathways To Peace, she created the CULTURE OF PEACE INITIATIVE, (formerly “WE THE PEOPLES” INITIATIVE) in 1983 with the approval of former UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller. This local/global Peacebuilding initiative unites the strengths of over 3000 international organisations and focuses co-operative activities annually on the UN International Day of Peace. Through Pathways To Peace, Avon inaugurated an ongoing Rights of the Child Caucus within the UN system during the first preparatory conference for the World Summit on Social Development. Avon coordinates PACEM – Pathways Consulting, Educating and Mentoring." [1]

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