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The Findhorn Foundation "is the educational and organisational cornerstone of the Findhorn Community, and its work is based on the values of planetary service, co-creation with nature and attunement to the divinity within all beings." [1]

"The Findhorn Foundation is an international centre for holistic education, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a sustainable, positive future.
"The Findhorn Foundation was established in 1972 as an educational trust committed to teaching and demonstrating the essential truths inherent in all spiritual traditions. The pioneering work of its founders, Dorothy Maclean and Eileen and Peter Caddy, continues today in the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community and ecovillage, committed to the vision of a new culture that is inclusive and sustainable, and taking an active part within a widening network of like-minded organisations to create this change." Pdf




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Accessed April 2011: [1]

  • Michael Shaw (Chair to May 2009) – Partner in Biomatrix Water Technology LLP, engineering ecological wastewater treatment and bioremediation systems.
  • Robin Alfred (Chair from May 2009) – Former Chair of Management and Founding Director of Findhorn Consultancy Service.
  • Edward Posey OBE – Trustee of The Gaia Foundation, with projects to protect cultural and ecological diversity.
  • Lady Diana Whitmore – Chair of the Psychosynthesis Trust, London.
  • Janice Dolley – Executive Director of Wrekin Trust.
  • Lisette Schuitemaker – Management and public relations consultant.
  • Clive Kitson – Former Focaliser of the Foundation's Education department.
  • Roger Collis – Co-founder of Lorian Association.
  • Mari Hollander – Education Manager and Programme Coordinator for Findhorn Foundation College.
  • Judith Bone – Co-Manager of Education and Deputy Chair of Management at the Findhorn Foundation.

Trustees 2005/6

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