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"In 1986, Roger and his wife Katherine co-founded Pacifica International, a non-profit organization to improve cross-cultural awareness and human understanding. Through Pacifica they initiated projects and programs such as supporting orphanages in Russia and international educational exchanges. Roger led a cross-cultural wilderness leadership expedition in the Tien Shan Mountains of Central Asia.

"Currently Pacifica is host to the Millionth Circle Initiative, a women's movement dedicated to seeding circles and imparting dialogue and facilitation skills to women in different parts of the world as a means to empower and promote change. As a father of two grown daughters, Roger understands gender issues and the need to build support and empowerment for women globally.

"Over the past 25 years, Roger and Katherine have organized retreats, conferences and workshops, in particular on the Isle of Iona in Scotland which they visit annually, having first visited there in 1969. The island is conducive to personal retreat, inner contemplation and reflection on world issues important to our time.

"Roger also lived at the Findhorn Community in Scotland in the 1970s and was involved in developing its first educational programs and early experiments in group governance. Through this foundational experience, he understands the complexity of dealing with issues of authority, power, spiritual discernment and group work. In 1975, while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Roger was a co-founder of the Lorian Association, a non-profit organization established to support the development of new consciousness and to stimulate the emergence of new forms of learning in response to key global issues." [1]

"Roger Collis serves as a Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland and is resident Board Member for Meditation Mount, Ojai. He provides consulting services to non-profit organizations and businesses. He chaired the Governor’s Task Force on Sustainable Economic Development in Washington State, founded Pacific Rim Enterprise Center to facilitate innovative technologies to cleanup radioactive waste, started two technology companies, organized international conferences on environmental sustainability, and has led delegations promoting citizen diplomacy and cross-cultural exchange. " [2]

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