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"Lorian’s story is about the emergence of a new spiritual impulse and how it has made itself known through a group of people responding to its call. In a way, it began in 1962 when a young David Spangler spontaneously experienced a vision that propelled him toward a life of spiritual research and understanding. Lorian itself has become identified with his thought as the early vision deepened and expanded into a body of work he calls Incarnational Spirituality.

"The group of persons who would found Lorian originally met as participants in the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in 1971. As they helped to create a unique experimental community in Findhorn, they developed a deep bond of spirit and friendship that shaped itself around serving the birth of this emerging planetary spirituality. Upon leaving Findhorn, these founders created Lorian as an informal organization linking several independent projects, each fostering a new and growing awareness of the Sacred in the world. In 1974 Lorian Association was formally incorporated.

"Since its founding, Lorian has served as a grounding place for a particular facet of this emerging spirituality. Although Spangler has carried the impulse most publicly within Lorian, others have contributed to its call through support to Lorian and though their own work. Many people have participated in Lorian, leaving their mark and then going forth into the world to plant new seeds with their own expressions of the impulse.

"In 2003 the Lorian Center for Incarnational Spirituality was created to define Lorian’s role more specifically...

""David and Julia Spangler, currently directors of Lorian, have been the leaders of the community; Myrtle Glines, now deceased, was an important spiritual teacher and pioneer; Dorothy Maclean, one of the three original founders of Findhorn, was also an influential teacher and partner in Lorian’s work; Roger and Katherine Collis, currently directors of Meditation Mount in Ojai, California, are also founders of the Pacifica Foundation; Freya Secrest is currently a director of Lorian and a faculty member; Kathi and Milenko Matanovic went on to found the Pomegranate Center based in Issaquah, Washington." [1]

Board (2018) [2]


Accessed April 2011: [3]


URL: [http://www.lorian.org

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