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The Barnes Review

The Barnes Review is an anti-Semitic web site whose primary propaganda goal is disparagement of Jews and denial that the Nazi Holocaust ever occurred. The home page of the Barnes Review has included articles with titles such as "The Myth of the Six Million" and "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," which states, "When the Roman historian Tacitus pointed out 19 centuries ago that the Jews are unique among the races of man in their intense hatred and contempt for all races but their own, he was only repeating what many other scholars had discovered before him."

The Barnes Review is named after Harry Elmer Barnes, once a well-known and respected World War I historian and revisionist whose obsession with conspiracy theories led him to virulent anti-Jewish bigotry and support for Nazi policies during World War II and to a later belief that the Holocaust was a hoax. It was founded by Willis Carto, who also founded the extreme right-wing Liberty Lobby and the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), another organization engaged in Holocaust denial. Carto founded the Barnes Review after he was forced out of the IHR in 1993 in an apparent dispute over funding and ideology.

Shortly after the commencement of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, the Barnes Review was associated with an attempt to exploit anti-war sentiment by circulating fake whistleblower memos on media bias in the Iraq war.

The Barnes Review is notable for its development of a new bit of PR doublespeak: "junk history," similar to "junk science".

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