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Brent T. Krueger the director for community relations and public liaison in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs between at least 2003 and 2004. The then-Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs was Victoria Clarke. Krueger explained to the American Forces Press Service that he coordinated public outreach for the secretary and the deputy defense secretary.[1][2]

In March 2003 the American Forces Press Service reported that, according to Krueger, "the Defense Department is committed to keeping the American people informed and involved in the global war against terrorism". "To that end, he said, the DefendAmerica outreach program was created immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on America to provide speakers for community groups and organizations holding public events on national defense. Speakers talk about the continuing war against terrorism," it reported.[3]

The Analyst's Machine

In April 2008, a feature in the New York Times by David Barstow referred to Krueger as the "point person" in a program to recruit "key influentials" from amongst military analysts to help sell a wary public on "a possible Iraq invasion." Krueger explained that the team of analysts touted the media outlets would be "writing the op-ed" for the war.[2]

Krueger explained to Barstow that providing the selected analysts with talking points and briefing material was effective in projecting the administration's pro-war message."You could see that they were messaging ... You could see they were taking verbatim what the secretary was saying or what the technical specialists were saying. And they were saying it over and over and over".[2]

Krueger explained that on some days "we were able to click on every single station and every one of our folks were up there delivering our message. You'd look at them and say, 'This is working.'"[2]

Krueger also acknowledged that the selected analysts could use their insider access to help attract clients for other consulting work. "Of course we realized that ... We weren’t naïve about that," Krueger said. ”

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