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Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller (1895 – 1983) wiki

"Buckminster Fuller was probably one of the first futurists and global thinkers. He is the one who coined the term "Spaceship Earth", and his work has inspired and paved the way for many who came after him." [1]

Geodesic domes found a niche market at such places as World's Fair sites and amusement parks (Disney's Epcot Center has one named, of course, "Spaceship Earth") where they fit with the generally futuristic architecture themes. Popularized among the hippie crowd by such people as Stewart Brand and his Whole Earth Catalog, geodesic domes started popping up like mushrooms in hip New Age enclaves like Drop City, Marin County, California and Sedona, Arizona. Buckminster Fuller fell in with that set and with the Human Potential Movement, becoming close friends with a number of people like Stewart Brand and Werner Erhard, in the process popularizing a form of futurism laden with equal parts science and woo. The concept of a "spaceship Earth" gained popularity among some environmentalists and drug-addled rock bands like the Jefferson Starship. In 1977, Buckminster Fuller, along with Werner Erhard and John Denver, founded The Hunger Project, which is supposed to end world hunger by bringing about a "paradigm shift" in which people get over their guilt over world hunger without actually doing anything about it. rational wiki

His last book was Critical Path: Marilyn Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy noted that "Critical Path is a state-of-the-art summary of human evolution."


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