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The Windstar Foundation was established by John Denver and Tom Crum in 1976.

In 1982 "Windstar's Lecture Series presenters include: David Brower, Ram Dass, Michio Kushi, Alan Merson, Buckminster Fuller, Bob Samples, Amory Lovins, John Todd, Tom Crum and John Denver." [1]

"Windstar was often asked to again host this type of high-quality, informational event. Those requests led to the birth of the "New Choices for Your Future" Symposiums in 2004. We have held three successful events to the local audience to Snowmass, Colorado. Multi generational audiences have been updated to new environmental topics by todays top speakers / organizations such as: Dr. Jane Goodall, Bill Nye, Amory Lovins, Lyle Estill, The Hunger Project, Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife and Ocean Futures." [2]

There website provides links to many other environmental groups. Case history.

"When Amory and Hunter Lovins co-founded RMI in 1982, they were members of Windstar’s advisory board. Their Windstar roots run deep." RMI is based upon Windstar's land. [1]


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