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Cambridge Wealth Management Ltd. is, according to one venture capital information website, a "Boutique investment bank specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and financings of technology companies in the middle market." It also trades under the name "Cambridge Asset Management".[1]

It is run by Michele Golden-Ballarin,[2] who under the name Michele Ballarin also runs the private military corporation Select Armor, Inc. Ballarin and Select Armor became embroiled in controversy in September 2006 over their alleged involvement in planned covert operations in Somalia,[3] although the transitional Somali government denied the allegations.[4]

An investigation by the Austrian public prosecutor

According to the Austrian financial daily WirtschaftsBlatt, in April 2004 the Austrian public prosecutor started an investigation into Cambridge Asset Management's operations there.[1] An approximate translation is, is:

"More than a year ago the US-American Michele G., board of directors of CAM AG, ventured to Austria. According to witnesses she stated that high yield investments in the amount of billions of dollars were under her administration. She makes no secret about her good contacts to the US government, among others to the minister of foreign affairs Collin Powell (sic). Her colleague, Goran C., apparently a former employee of the British security service MI5, is on duty to process governmental foreign exchange transactions."
"Meanwhile the dubious company has attracted the attention of the authorities. "Cambridge Asset Managment AG has neither a concession for business according to the banking law nor for asset management", confirms Klaus Grubelnik of the supervising authorities of the financial market. "We passed a representation of the contentious issues on to the public prosecutor's office. It concerns the reproach of fraudulent behavior." Otto Schneider of the public prosecutor's

office Vienna confirms that judicial pre-inquiries against Michele G., Matthias O. and Goran C. are pending because of the suspicion of fraud."[5]


Contact details

Clark House, 6494 Main Street, Suite 1
The Plains, VA 20198
Tel: +1 540 253-5955
Fax: +1 540 253-9925
Email: info AT

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  • "Dubiose Finanzfirma im Visier der Behörden", WirtschaftsBlatt, April 3, 2004. (The article can be translated using Google Translate here - which the translation is imprecise, the the overall meaning is clear enough.