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The following are resources related to the main article on the Central Intelligence Agency. (Also see Related SourceWatch articles.)

List of CIA Directors

Videos about CIA

  • Secret of CIA Part 1-20, The New Patriot, Yourtube.com [1], [2]
  • CIA Cover UP, Iran-Contra Affair [3]
  • CIA Secret Wars: 6 million Killed in Third World, Testimony by John Stockwell [4]

Books about the CIA

  • Philip Agee, Inside the Company: CIA Diary, Farrar Straus & Giroux; July, 1975. ISBN 0883730286
  • Morton Halperin, Jerry Berman, Robert Borosage, Christine Marwick, The Lawless State: : The Crimes of the U. S. Intelligence Agencies, Penguin, November 1976. ISBN 0140043861
  • Philip Agee, White Paper, Whitewash: Philip Agee on the CIA and El Salvador, Deep Cover Publications, February, 1982. ISBN 0940380013
  • Philip Agee, On the Run, L. Stuart, June, 1987. ISBN 0818404191
  • Philip Agee, Dirty Work: The CIA in Western Europe, Dorset Press, May, 1988 ISBN 088029132X
  • Frances S. Saunders, Who Paid the Piper?: The CIA and the Cultural Cold War (Granta, 1999).
  • Douglas Valentine, The Phoenix Program (iUniverse, 2000).
  • William Blum, Killing Hope: Us Military and CIA interventions since World War II, Common Courage Press, 2003, ISBN 10 1567512526
  • Hugh Wilford, The CIA, the British Left and the Cold War: Calling the Tune?, Frank Cass Publishers, 2003.
  • Daniele Ganser, NATO’s Secret Army: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe (Frank Cass, 2005).
  • Dustin M. Wax, ed., Anthropology at the Dawn of the Cold War: The Influence of Foundations, McCarthyism and the CIA (Pluto Press, 2008). Information about book

Online articles

Document collections

CIA and other U.S. government agency official document collections

Other declassified documents by country

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