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Chase Carey has served as a director and President and CEO of DIRECTV Group, Inc. since December 22, 2003.

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Carey "led initiatives such as the launch and growth of Fox Sports, the expansion of the Fox Television Stations group, the emergence of Fox cable channels, and the building of satellite platforms in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Prior to News Corp., he was employed at Columbia Pictures in senior capacities. Carey serves on the boards of DIRECTV, Inc., News Corp., British Sky Broadcasting, Gateway, Inc. and Yell Group plc. Carey earned his degrees at Colgate and Harvard Business School." [1][2]

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  • "Q&A with DirecTV's Chase Carey," BusinessWeek, January 19, 2004: "The satellite operator's CEO aims to gain "a million new subscribers a year" with enhanced, interactive offerings cable rivals can't match."Bold textItalic text

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