College of African Wildlife Management

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College of African Wildlife Management

"Following the Arusha Manifesto in 1961, the College of African Wildlife Management was established in 1963 as a pioneer institution for the training of African wildlife managers. Since this time, the College has been a leader in providing quality wildlife management training in Africa, and has trained over 4,000 wildlife managers from 28 African countries and 18 non-African countries. The majority of the College's students come from the SADC region, although the College opens its doors to all students with an interest in African Wildlife Management.

"The College has led the field of Wildlife Management Training for 40 years. The College has received a number of awards and accolades including the prestigious UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize and being declared a centre of excellence as a Wildlife Training Institute by the East African Community." [1]

According to Roderick Neumann in 1963 the African Wildlife Foundation, "along with the World Wildlife Fund, helped to establish and fund the College of African Wildlife Management (CAWM) at Mweka, Tanzania, just an hour from Arusha. The guiding concept for CAWM was and continues to be to produce technically trained field officers for such positions as park warden for all of anglophone Africa." [2]

In 1961: "Russ Train also becomes the founder of the African Wildlife Leadership Foundation, organized to aid Africans in developing capacity to manage their own wildlife resources. He helps establish the College of African Wildlife Management at Mweka (near Moshi), Tanzania." [3]


Accessed June 2010: [4]

  • Abiud Kaswamila , Senior Lecturer - Land Use Planning and Management in Protected Areas Bio-networks,Community conservation,Environmental Economics .
  • Edward K.Msyani, Senior Lecturer - Ecologist,Researcher and Trainer
  • Ladislaus W. Kahana, Senior Lecturer - Ecologist on Biodiversity of specific area in the Forest Glades.
  • Alex W. Kisingo, Lecturer - Wildlife Resources and Ecology, Endangered Species Management and Species Action Planning.
  • Wilfred A. Foya, Principal Lecturer - Ecologist,Researcher and Trainer.
  • Oliver C. Nyakunga ,Assistant Lecturer - Biodiversity Conservation,Wildlife Resources and Ecology,Protected Area Planning,Tourism and Trainer.
  • Teresia Rafael Olemako ,Lecturer - Community conservation and rural development, Natural resources management and governance, Ecotourism and Tourism, Conservation enterprise planning and management, Participatory planning approaches (Participatory Rural Appraisal – PRA, Rapid Rural Appraisal – RRA), Participatory Poverty Assessment methodologies and Sustainable livelihoods approaches to poverty. .



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