Conflict Diamonds

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Conflict Diamonds (or blood diamonds) is defined by the United Nations as "rough diamonds that are used by rebel movements to finance their military activities, including attempts to undermine or overthrow legitimate Governments” (Tamm 5). DeBeers, who operates 50% of all of the worlds diamond mines, and purchases 80% of those on the open market, has been cited as a major purveyor of conflict diamonds.[1]

Countries involved in Conflict Diamonds

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  • Douglas Farah, Blood From Stones : The Secret Financial Network of Terror, Broadway, 2004. ISBN 0-76-7915623
  • The Blood Diamond , a fictional drama film on "a farmer, a smuggler, and a syndicate of businessmen match wits over the possession of a priceless diamond." The fil, starring Jennifer Connelly and Leonardo DiCaprio, is scheduled to be released in 2007. [3]