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Former in March 2010, [1] "The Conservative Environment Network is not a policy think tank or commercial lobbying organization. It is an independent forum for the advancement of the doctrine of Conservative Environmentalism.

"Conservative Environmentalism means seeing the health and economic resilience of future society as partly rooted in decisions taken today. It means accepting the environment within the purview of conservative poltics but asking governments to act as the facilitator of decentralised solutions which harness the power of free markets, thereby aligning economic and environmental health. It recalls to us the clear messages handed down by generations of conservative thinkers from Edmund Burke to Adam Smith to Margaret Thatcher and reclaims the positive environmental track record of conservative governments around the world."[1]

Steering committee

Accessed February 2015: [2]




Launching Wednesday 26th Feb 2014: Responsibility & Resilience: What the Environment means to Conservatives, With contributions from Michael Gove MP, Roger Scruton, James Wolfensohn, Sir Stuart Rose, Sir Ian Cheshire, Paul Polman, Kathyrn Murdoch, Michael R. Bloomberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Ben Caldecott and Gavin Dick are among the founders of the Conservative Environment Network


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