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Country Guardians is a British group which opposes wind farm developments. It was co-founded by Sir Bernard Ingham (who is the organisations vice-president), Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary and a consultant to the nuclear industry. Sir Bernard Ingham is a director of an organisation called Supporters of Nuclear Energy. [1] [2]

"A lobby group, Country Guardians, which still campaigns tirelessly against every wind scheme, has delayed and destroyed many wind projects. Its basic argument is that windmills are ugly and destroy the landscape. It also complains that turbines are noisy when placed near houses. Public opinion on these issues is naturally divided. While in areas of outstanding natural beauty and in national parks the landscape issue is important, there are many who believe that in other places the slim white windmills are an improvement - certainly preferable to a coal or nuclear power station." [3]

Another British group opposed to wind farms called Coastal Guardians has now formed.

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