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The European Patients' Forum (EPF) describes itself as "the umbrella group of pan-European patient groups active in the field of European public health and health advocacy." [1]


In a July 2005 report, the consumer group Health Action International Europe, noted that EPF was "receiving public relations and other services from Weber Shandwick.

"The EPF’s General Assembly Meeting on 24 June 2005 was held in the Brussels offices of Weber Shandwick. In December 2004, Weber Shandwick organised the launch of the European Parliament Interest Group on Patients. Invitations to the event were sent out by Gráinne Crowley, Weber Shandwick's Principal Consultant for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, "on behalf of the President of the EPF". The Interest Group, whose secretariat is provided by the EPF "aims to act as a forum informed for debate and initiating policy action for MEPs on the views of patients regarding health issues and European policy developments", they noted. [2]


EPF states that it was created in January 2003 in "response to calls by the European Commission and other EU institutions to have one pan-European patient body to address and consult on issues of interest to patients in the European healthcare debate.". [3]

Support For Pharma TV

In May 2007, EPF's executive director, Nicola Bedlington offered in principle support for a proposal by major drug companies to establish a television station to promote their drugs. Bedlington told The Guardian's health reporter, Sarah Boseley that while the pilot program screened at a forum was "slightly sanctimonious and patronising", she approved of it in principle. [4]


On its website, EPF lists its 2006 budget income as amounting to 253,058 Swiss Francs which, on May 2007 exchange rates, is approximately US$206,000. [5] Based on the data disclosed on its website, 93% of its funding originates from just six global drug companies and industry bodies. Five companies provide core funding for the group. These are:

Merck Sharp & Dohme, as Merck is known outside the U.S, provided CHF 40,000 for a specific project.


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European Patients' Forum
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