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Nicola Bedlington is the Director of European Patients' Forum, a group overwhelmingly funded by major drug companies.

In May 2007, Bedlington was quoted as offering in principle support for a proposal by major drug companies to establish a television station to promote their drugs. Bedlington told The Guardian's health reporter, Sarah Boseley, that while the pilot program screened at a forum was "slightly sanctimonious and patronising", she approved of it in principle.[1]

Subsequently, in a letter to the editor, Bedlington wrote that "EPF strongly resists direct advertising to patients, since patients need information, not marketing. Our track record demonstrates this." [2] However, she indicated that EPF was "open to discuss all projects aimed at improving information on disease management, including the project of the TV channel in question. EPF will insist on clear safeguards to ensure that any information on such a channel will be accurate and non promotional and will provide information on alternatives to medicines, including diet or lifestyle changes."


Bedlington completed a BA (Hons) in Business Studies at Leeds Metropolitan University in 1988. After a student placement with the British Deaf Association in Leeds she subsequently moved to Brussels and worked for the European Union for the Deaf. [3]

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