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"Geoff Ward, associate producer of Herma Koornwinder's second series of five documentaries, is a British freelance journalist, media consultant, author and musician who has studied and written about the lost knowledge and wisdom of the ancients for many years. He acts for various individuals and organisations who want their message communicated to the wider world, including independent researchers, authors and film-makers. He currently handles media relations for Herma and is writing her biography.

"Geoff, who lives in the south-west of Ireland, is the author of Spirals: the Pattern of Existence, an exploration of the prevalence and significance of the spiral form and pattern in nature and human culture - itself evidence of an underlying organising principle in the universe - which was published by Green Magic in 2006 and has an introduction written by the best-selling author Colin Wilson.

"Since 2004, Geoff has managed the website which he created as an appreciation of Colin Wilson who, for decades, has been foremost in the pantheon of ‘New Age’ science and philosophy, and in May 2009 Geoff launched his own world mysteries website, Mysterious Planet. Also in 2009, he was made an Honorary Bard of Caer Wyse (Exeter, England).

"A former newspaper editor, Geoff has a Masters degree and a BA (Hons) degree in English literature and, in addition to literature and world mysteries, his key interests include cosmology and holistic science, existential philosophy, Jungian psychology, visiting heritage sites, playing the guitar (he’s played in rock and pop bands most of his life) and writing short stories. He is also a lecturer and tutor in English literature and creative writing (fiction and non-fiction). "[1]


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