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"In 2000, Herma decided to step back from full-time markets analysis and investigate fully the nature of the ‘forcefield’, or hidden order, she had discovered in the stock markets which expressed itself through number sequences as geometrical patterns, and appeared to be universal in its extent. Her research continued over several years and involved multi-disciplinary studies of writings from ancient times down to the present day.

"In 2009, Herma launched a project for a series of film documentaries about how the subtle energies directed by the underlying order were known to ancient civilizations and could be put to use beneficially today through the intuitive art of dowsing. In 2010, she staged the first Koornwinder Convention in Amsterdam as an international platform for debate on the subject, and in 2011 launched this website to promote her discoveries and ideas. A book about Herma's career as a global market analyst and subsequently as film-maker and dowser is being written by Geoff Ward with the aim of publication in 2014."[1]


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