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"Herma Koornwinder’s discovery of hidden patterns which enabled her to predict accurately the movements of financial markets was to change her life utterly. She came to realise that these patterns reflected an underlying order in the universe of which life on Earth was an inseparable part - and now she’s ready to reveal her remarkable findings to the world at the international Koornwinder Convention in Amsterdam on June 22, 2010.

"The speakers at the convention, Ancient Wisdom & 21st Century IT: Decoding the Hidden Structure of the Universe, which will be conducted in English, are:" [1]

  • Robert Bauval: Researcher and author (The Orion Mystery, Black Genesis)
  • Thomas Brophy: former NASA physicist, astrophysicist and author (The Origin Map and Black Genesis with Robert Bauval)
  • Christopher Knight: researcher and author, and Alan Butler: engineer and author (Before the Pyramids, Civilisation One)
  • Geoff Ward: Journalist and author (Spirals: the Pattern of Existence)
  • Bert Janssen: Researcher and author (The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles)
  • Mahmoud Eissa: Egyptian tour guide, and spiritual mentor and co-producer of the film documentary series The Lost Science
  • Ahmed Mahmoud: Egyptian tour guide and historian
  • Herma Koornwinder: Researcher and producer of The Lost Science

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