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According to the corporation's web site, GlobalOptions, Inc. was "founded in late 1998, and first opened its doors on January 2, 1999. It was conceived as a private CIA, Defense Department, Justice Department, and FBI, all rolled into one. Since [its] inception [it has] assisted hundreds of corporations, celebrities, and even governments deal with the complexities and tribulations of the modern world. [Its] client base, which [is kept] confidential, includes two of the ten largest corporations in the world as well as some of the globe's most recognizable names and faces."

GlobalOptions Inc. describes itself as "a multidisciplinary international risk management and business solutions company headquartered in Washington, D.C." whose work takes the company "all over the world, and to virtually every state." GlobalOptions states that it "will work anywhere that a U.S. passport is recognized."


  • Investigations & Litigation Support: "GlobalOptions, Inc. is in the forefront of defending corporate America from mass tort actions and frivolous litigation. We have saved our clients millions of dollars by conducting investigations that impeached witnesses, disproved factual allegations, and raised alternative theories of cause. In addition, we have investigated judicial corruption, conspiracies to defraud, industrial espionage, junk science, and a host of other challenges to corporate America.
"Asbestos and product liability cases are GlobalOptions' specialties, and we work with a wide range of clients, especially in the automotive and related industries. Our investigative division also provides custom-tailored reports and intelligence to clients about everything from country risk, unfair trade practices, new markets, political trends and economic forecasts to profiles of your competitors.
"We also provide our clients with some of the finest business intelligence available in the world today. Whether it involves exposing foreign bribes or NAFTA violations, profiles of your competitors, or economic forecasts, GlobalOptions is without peers.
  • Risk Management & Security: "9/11. SARS. Iraq. And it's just the beginning of the 21st century. Vice Chairman of GlobalOptions' Advisory Board R. James Woolsey, Jr. once observed that the modern world is a 'jungle full of a bewildering array of dangerous snakes.' Woolsey's words are now carved in the wall of the CIA headquarters.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Executive Protection & Training: "GlobalOptions provides some of the most advanced training in the world for security professionals, law enforcement, and military organizations. The courses also can be designed for executives and corporations seeking to instill a sense of teamwork and bonding in their management teams."

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